May 28, 2020

We understand that the re-opening of dine-in restaurant service may bring up concerns for some people. You might be wondering if it is safe to return to dine-in service? Here at Back Bistro we would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to protect our community and ourselves from the spread of Covid-19. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our guests and staff.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to keep you safe;

  • Added the latest technology so that you can have a “touchless” dining experience. Use your smart phone to view our menu and to pay your bill. It’s never been easier!
  • Wash our hands, wash our hands and do it over again.
  • Sanitize our hands, sanitize our hands and do it over again.
  • Social Distancing, tables 6’ apart.
  • Guest hand sanitization upon entry.
  • Any staff member within 6’ of a guest is required to wear a mask.
  • Hourly sanitization of highly touched points, i.e. door handles, faucet handles.
  • Foot door openers.
  • Complete sanitization of table and chairs between each guest.
  • Professional cleaning crew utilized nightly.
  • Every staff member is conducting a daily self-check for the symptoms of Covid-19 prior to their shift. Staff members who might be feeling ill, are not allowed to report to work.

We are passionate about keeping everyone healthy and following the rules set forth by CAL OSHA, The County of Sacramento, and The City of Folsom. Our restaurant is everything to us. It is our only source of income, literally putting food on the table for our family. It is also our way of connecting to our beloved community of Folsom. Although some of the rules may feel overwhelming at times, we will abide by them to the very best of our ability. The possibility of jeopardizing our business license and/or liquor license is a gamble we’re not willing to risk. It is our goal to help ease some of your anxiety about dining out. We would like you to be able to relax and enjoy a meal knowing that we have your health in mind. Now more than ever, we all deserve to give our selves a break and to seek some relaxation. I hope you can find that here with a delicious dish and the company of someone you love.

Gail Back
Co-Owner Back Bistro

COVID-19 Safety

We understand that you may be wondering, in these strange times, if it is safe to eat takeout food. Here at Back Bistro we would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to protect our community and ourselves from the spread of covid-19.

Our number one safety priority is hand hygiene. Employees are required to thoroughly wash and sanitize their hands at the beginning of their shift. Sanitization is also required each time we exit and reenter the building, yes that means after each curbside delivery. Additionally we use disposable gloves throughout food preparation.

We are vigilantly monitoring ourselves for symptoms of covid-19. We take our temperature daily. Should an employee develop an elevated temperature or signs of the virus, they would not be allowed to report work.

Social distancing is strictly enforced. Entry into the restaurant is closed to the public. All orders are made online or via telephone. Payments are also made online or by telephone minimizing physical interactions. Eventhough we like giving handshakes and hugs, we are skipping those for now, instead giving cheerful elbow bumps. Additionally, you don’t even need to step foot out of your car. We are literally running your food to your door.

We have been reading about the likelihood of transmitting covid-19 through take out orders. The most recent science says, according to Dr. Erin DiCaprio, a UC Davis virologist, “There is currently no evidence that there can be any transmission of the virus through food”.

As an extra layer of protection, you can use these precautions once you return home with your food. First, wash you hands as soon as you get home. Place your to-go bag in the sink rather than on your countertop. Transfer your food to plates rather than eating out of the to-go boxes. Dispose of your to-go packaging. Finally wash your hands before you eat.

We want you to know that we take this health crisis very seriously. We feel the responsibility feeding our community and keeping them safe. It’s our hope that our safety procedures allow you to feel confident about placing an order. Our Folsom community’s support has been incredible. It is keeping us going. We are here for you during these unprecedented times. We want to continue serving you during the stay-at-home order so that we can bring back our staff and reopen the dining room just as soon as this crisis has passed. Thank you Folsom!

Gail Back
Co-owner Back Bistro